Understanding Staff Augmentation Services

Staff augmentation is a practice that uses temporary workers to fill short-term positions or that outsources work to other companies.

Employing temporary workers allows you to avoid the hiring process and the burdens of additional payroll duties.Companies may decide to use a staff augmentation plan to avoid expanding their current operations.

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Matching Your Requirements

No need to worry about shifting through hundreds of resumes, updating listings, and scheduling interviews.

We offload this preliminary work, giving focus on business goals back to our clients.No liability for workers compensation, payroll taxes and other benefits. Low cost country advantage.We offer highly experienced and dedicated account managers and recruiting team along with highly qualified technical recruiters.

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Customized Service Plan

A Staff Augmentation Plan enables an agile IT organization that rapidly adapts to a changing environment in productive and cost effective ways.

Project implementations often require additional resources or expertise beyond that of the internal IT staff. Hiring, training and sustaining additional permanent, full time staff members is not always feasible or cost effective. Companies are dependant on seamless service delivery from their IT.

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Leveraging current resources

Staff augmentation allows you to assess what you already have in place to determine what you need.

Bringing in a few additional skill sets to fill the void utilizes the internal and external resources for the project, which adds efficiency and productivity. Additionally, when there is a need to closely manage resources, staff augmentation is ideal.

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Helps Find the Right People for the Job

Staff Augmentation gives a company the opportunity to fully staff workgroups with precision and efficiency.

Staff augmentation allows a large, successful company to sustain its competitive advantages while being able to react to change like its smaller, more nimble counterparts. According to a recent study conducted by Gartner, IT spending is going to increase dramatically over the next three years.

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Selecting A Vendor

When selecting a vendor, consider working with an HR outsourcing company which provides both staff augmentation and project outsourcing services.

Managing your staff, overseeing progress, and filling in performance gaps can be daunting tasks. A trusted partner provides insight, advice, and direction as you build a workforce that is empowered to operate at their highest potential.

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