Know About Recruitment Services

Recruitment is a broad statement from a customer to a service provider describing their service expectations.

A service provider prepares a service level agreement (SLA) based on the requirements from the customer. For example: A customer may require a server be operational (uptime) for 99.95% of the year excluding maintenance.SLRs are part of the Management stage of Service Design.

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Refined Search Services

Sourcing strategies for recruiters are a work in progress. They can always be reshaped and improved.

With the right mix of sourcing methods and tools, you can reach out to and connect with a large number of passive candidates.Whether you’re actively looking to fill positions or improving your recruitment sourcing strategies can improve your recruitment yield ratio over time..

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Selection Process

Once you have developed your recruitment plan, recruited people, you can begin the selection process.

Once you have developed your recruitment plan, recruited people, and now have plenty of people to choose from, you can begin the selection process.All individuals involved in the hiring process should be properly trained on the steps for interviewing.

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Finalizing & Verification

Pre-Employment screening is designed to verify information supplied by candidates on their resumes.

Many employers conduct pre-employment screenings of job applicants. Employers often outsource all or part of these evaluations to private third-party organizations that specialize in background screening.Investigations are also conducted to uncover character flaws and criminal tendencies..

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Delievery & Maintenance

A managed services model(outsourcing), the provider is committed to delivering an outcome at a defined price.

If an organization is involved in a staff augmentation engagement, transitioning to a managed services (outsourcing) model can yield all of the benefits of flexibility and skill access it seeks, while maintaining the quality and better performance.

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Management Services

n situations where multiple new jobs are created and recruited for the first time or vacancies are there.

Often, a company already has job descriptions for existing positions. Where already drawn up, these documents may require review and updating to reflect current requirements. Prior to the recruitment stage, a person specification should be finalized.

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