Refined Search

Refined Search implies to improve an idea, method, system, etc. by making small changes.

Type of result: At the top or bottom of a search results page, you’ll see a number of ways to filter your results to see one type of content. For example, click Images to have all of your search results be pictures, to see search results that help you find ways to know the related things you searched for.

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You can build on this basic search procedure by: Choosing the scope of your search, Choosing your search area , Using filters to refine your search & Searching for more than one term at once.

When we undertake a search, our clients can be sure of one thing, that no stone will be left unturned until we have found the right candidate for the role.

Search tools: Once you’ve decided which type of results you want, you can refine your results even further using Search tools. Search tools can include things like location, content, description, and the date a page was published.

When you look at a typical entry you will see that it is divided into different sections. In addition to the main definition text for each of the senses of the entry, there is often information on variant spellings, etymology, quotations, etc. By default, an Advanced search searches the entire text of the entries, but you can confine your search area to a number of other areas, if you prefer.