More About Selecting a Vendor

Vendor Management Staff Augmentation Services by Source One..

From a client perspective – try to understand your vendor's business involving their processes, costs, challenges etc. Once you do, you will be better armed than your competition in order to give your internal departments and vendors relevant data, which will eventually lead to your vendors coming through with the best talent with lower risk.How long in business (experience counts). Don’t give credit to “individuals” industry experience – you want to know about “company” experience. Ask for types of clients they have experience with .Meet some of the vendor staff.Ask how many consultants do they currently have deployed at clients sites. Also ask for a list of new consultants they have placed in the last 12 months. This will help you understand the “volume” of business they do on an active basis.Identify the depth of their process and the quality checkpoints. • Ask them types of questions they ask candidates during the recruitment and screening process • Ask about their candidate interview process

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